Who is Watermark Branding Co?

Watermark Branding Co was created by distributors to bring styled marketing tools and products to Enagic Distributors. 


Where are you based?

We are based in Queensland, Australia.


Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes we do! To register go to our Affiliate Registration page here:



What is a Luxe K8 Decal? 

A Luxury K8 Decal is a printed film you apply to your K8 machine to enhance the look, personalise and protect your machine. It is a unique marketing tool for your business and a decor item in your home.


What are they made of? 

Our decals are made from a high quality environmentally friendly removable envision film and printed using UL Greenguard Gold Certified water-based latex inks.


Is the decal thick like a vinyl? 

No, the film is thin. It applies like a second skin to your machine. Some prints look like they were made to be there!


How long do they last?

If cared for properly, the decals will last at a minimum of 12 months or longer. The print is designed to not smudge or fade and is easily cared for.


How do they protect my K8?

The decal covers the front face and back of the K8. The film acts like a second skin and will protect your machine from dirt, minor scuffs and scratches if transporting.


How many decals do I get?

Our decals come in a set of two, back and front with the front being a three piece application and the back one piece. 


I have an island bench and dislike the look of the white machine, will your decals help?

Our decals are ideal for the island bench! The print is  duplicated on the back decal and transforms your white machine into a stunning statement. 


Where are your decals manufactured?

Our Luxe K8 Decals are manufactured in our Queensland, Australia Production Studio using licensed artwork and printed using UL Greenguard Gold water-based latex inks. They are healthy Printing UL EcoLogo Certified and created from part bio based materials that are kind to the environment. 


Will they affect my warrantly or machine use?

The decal don’t affect your machine use at all. They are designed to allow access to your enhancer tank, filter and the back decal leaves the serial number exposed so Enagic can access for deep cleans and machine maintenance.


Do they leave a sticky mess after removing? 

The decals are made from a film not a sticker, and leave no residue upon removal (even years later). When you are ready for a new design, simply peel off. We didn’t skimp on quality because we know your K8 is your biggest investment in your business, in your kitchen and for your life. We wanted to make sure it stayed that way. 


Is your artwork licensed?

Yes, our designs are licensed for us to produce unlimited print copies, merchandising, and decoration in personal and commercial spaces.


How do I care for my decal?

The decals are waterproof and are able to be wiped with a soft cloth. Please don’t use abrasive materials or chemicals that would harm it. 


Do you make decals for other water ionisers?

Currently we only have the K8 decals available, We have been asked many times about the SD501 and JRII so we are working to see if we can template theses. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us at hello@watermarkbranding.co


I’m having trouble choosing a design, can you help me?

Of course, send us a message via our social channels on instagram or Facebook and we will gladly help you with your choice.





How do I apply the decal?

Full application instructions are included with purchase. It is an easy 4 step process which needs to be followed in order to ensure your print aligns for best results. 



How will a K8 Decal benefit my Enagic Business?

Our customers are using our decals to re-brand, re-introduce and reignite their businesses. Many of them tell use their engagement on social channels was amazing. 


How can I showcase my new K8 once the decal is applied?

We have seen some amazing reveals on social media of how our customers are showcasing their machines. From reels on instagram to live videos revealing their makeover they are creating beautiful branded images with their personalised K8’s.


Can I tag you in my posts?

We would love that! Please remember to use the hashtag #watermarkbrandingco and also tag us @watermarkbrandingco so we are notified and can help share your content.


I would love a copy of the print used in my design to use on my branding, can you help?

Absolutely, please email us at hello@watermarkbrandingco and let us know the name of your decal and your order number so we can assist with this?


Do you have any after sale support in marketing?

We are currently in the process of creating a support group for our customers to connect and for us to provide additional marketing support alongside the decals. The more we can help you the happier we are.



What does pre-order mean? 

This allows us to print a fresh decal for you each time without unpopular designs going into landfill. Your order will be printed and shipped within 14 day of ordering, although often sooner. 


Should I pre-order or wait? 

Definitely pre-order! We only stock a very small number of decals with each print run. By placing your order today, your decal will be put into print production and shipped within 14 days. We don’t hold large stock amounts so this ensures you won’t miss out on the design you love. 


Will my chosen design be available in the future? 

We can’t guarantee all designs will be available for forever. Depending on popularity, some designs may be excluded from future collections. 


I have a large team that would like to order, do you offer discounts? 

Of course, send us an email to hello@watermarkbranding.co to discuss your order requirements and how we can help.



What payments do you accept? 

We offer many payments online via our Shopify powered website including Shop Pay, PayPal, Major Credit Cards, Afterpay and Apple Pay. 


Why does the checkout show $AUD? 

Our checkout is based on our currency here in Australia. You will be charged from the payment provider you choose in checkout with the current international exchange rate. You can view this by clicking the Currency Changer drop down on the website prior to Checkout if it doesn’t automatically select based on your computers IP location. 



Do you ship internationally? 

We sure do! We ship worldwide wherever Australia Post allows us to. 


What are the postage charges?

Unfortunately due to the size of the decals, we can only send our decals via parcel post as they are larger than the max letter size. We offer FREE Shipping Australia Wide and a flat rate of $15 AUD (approx $11 USD) for International orders. 


What are your shipping timeframes?

For Australian Orders we are seeing parcels delivered in under a week (2-3 days for QLD) from dispatch.

International Orders vary depending on location with most received in approx 2 weeks from dispatch.


Will I receive tracking on my shipment?

Yes, all parcels are registered with tracking, please ensure you put an email address in your order so you receive your order confirmation and shipping information post purchase.



I’ve changed my mind on the design, can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the product, we don’t offer refunds for change of mind after the decal has left our premises. If you have placed a pre-order and wish to change it, please contact us to see if your order has been printed as soon as possible as we may be able to help.


My order arrived damaged, will you replace or refund?

We take extra care in packaging and have chosen rigid mailers with an outer compostable bag to ensure your decal travels safely, but understandably postage sometimes gets damaged. We haven’t had one arrive damaged as yet, but if in the case you have an issue, please contact us immediately via email at hello@watermarkbranding.co or via our social channels so we can discuss a replacement. 


My order hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

Please firstly check the tracking information that was sent to you via email on dispatch to see whether your parcel has been delivered. If you can’t find this or it was delivered to the wrong address, please contact us immediately so we can follow up with Australia Post on your behalf. 



I have a question that isn’t answered here, where can I contact you? 

You can contact us on our social pages or send us an email at hello@watermarkbranding.co